The Most Highly Anticipated Horror Films of 2012!

Sometimes, the movies slated for the 2012 year are only as good as their hype. A few of these flicks only look good as a trailer, but when audiences hit the theatre, either all the best parts have been given away or expectations fall flat. Not every title bears merit, but if any blood money is to be spilt, here’s a list of curios that should really be investigated.

Beneath the Darkness (Release Date: Jan 6)

Dir.: Martin Guigui.

Cast: Dennis Quaid, Tony Oller and Aimee Teegarden.

When a group of teens witness their best friend murdered by a so-called hero, they have to figure out how to expose him and avoid being killed too. Dennis Quaid plays Ely Vaughn, the pillar of the community, but also the antagonist in this film. Interestingly enough, Vaughn is the town’s local mortician, and there’s a secret that no body knows about him.
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