Clip joint: teenage pregnancy

As if they didn't have enough to worry about, young mothers are made to stand and deliver by film-makers desperate to push social themes. Clip joint practices its breathing with film's standout teenage pregnancy scenes

In the Twilight finale, Bella Swan's just 18 when she gives birth to her little monster (which still doesn't excuse the fact that she names it Renesmee). In the hands of Mormon author Stephenie Meyer, getting knocked up by a vampire before you can legally drink is all part of the circle of life – an excuse to quit school and devote yourself full-time to gazing into your husband's eyes. But for most writers it's a chance to mark out a character as tough, to illustrate wasted opportunities or to highlight the risks of an unchaperoned date.

Here are my pick of film's best teen pregnancy scenes:

1) "This baby owes it's life to Long Island iced teas,
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