[Review] The Pill

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One of the greatest lessons I received from my film school education was a tossaway bon mot from a faculty advise, upset that I didn’t have time to take a 17th century sculpture class. Seeing my confused expression, she shared, “you can’t break the form until you learn it.” With The Pill, first-time writer/director J.C. Khoury manages to somehow do both and still create a fun, entertaining, and surprisingly effective film.

Not since the western has a genre been so dominated by X’s and O’s than romantic comedies. Rom-coms follow a certain formula, replicated over and over again, mainly because they work. Guy and girl can’t possibly be together until they inevitably are. If websites and newspapers didn’t demand a word count, a perfectly suitable review of New Years Eve would read, “it’s exactly what you think it is.” The Pill takes
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