Tactile Gaming Vest: Peripheral of the Future

  • GameRant
Gaming has evolved quite a bit in a short amount of time. Everything from graphics quality, social integration, motion control and even 3D gaming.

With all these amazing features and developments, what else could enhance your gaming experience? How about a vest that cohesively interacts with your gameplay?

Saurabh Palan, roboticist and grad student from the University of Pennsylvania, is working on such an invention. He calls it the the Tactile Gaming Vest - or Tgv for short.

The Tgv houses solenoids, rumble-packs and heating elements to bring more reality into gaming. When you are taking fire for snagging the enemy flag, the solenoids let you feel every successful hit exactly where the bullets make contact on your character.

The heating elements will let you know when you are on the wrong side of a Spartan laser hit and the rumble-packs notify you of nearby explosions and passing tanks.

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