Ben Whishaw Will Supply Gadgets To James Bond As Q in Skyfall!

In the end Naomie Harris isn’t bringing M’s secretary Miss. Moneypenny back to the James Bond franchise (at the press conference she revealed she was playing a field agent instead) but there is at least one iconic character due to return in Skyfall. The Hollywood Reporter have revealed that Ben Whishaw will be playing the godfather of gadgets and dry wit, Q.

Whishaw was cast in the movie some months ago and we did wonder whether he might just be eccentric enough to play Q but were put off by the fact he’s only 31 years of age. Whilst it will be a little strange to see someone younger than Daniel Craig playing Q, everyone was young once I suppose and we are quite excited about the fresh casting. There’s no reason why he now can’t go on and play the character for decades really.

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