Little Big Soldier Movie Review – Jackie Chan

Original Title – Da bing xiao jiang

Director: Sheng Ding

Writer: Jackie Chan (screenplay)


Jackie Chan – Big Soldier

Leehom Wang – Little Soldier

Rongguan Yu – Deputy General Yu

Plot | Story

Little Big Soldier is a fantastic movie. The plot seems simple enough – a soldier who survives a massacre of his sides forces discovers a general from the other army alive. He decides to take this general back to the capitol to claim a reward so he can retire and become a farmer. This is where the simplicity evaporates. The story is filled with some fantastic twists and turns. It was really delightful to watch the complex relationship between the soldier and the general develop as the story progressed.

Characters | Acting

I have been a fan of Jackie Chan’s for years. I love his acting and his martial arts and now I can add his singing to my list of likes.
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