'The Pill' Trailer Premiere: The Most Refreshingly Honest Rom-Com You'll See This Year (Exclusive)

One thing that's missing in our romantic comedies these days is honesty. Instead, lame, tame cartoonish premises have turned into lame, foul-mouthed cartoonish premises -- and though many of our more recent romantic comedies have been of the R-rated, get-drunk-and-this-is-actually-pretty-hilarious variety, there's still a raw, uncomfortable honesty that's absent in so many films. That's why it was pretty awesome earlier this year when I happened upon The Pill at the Gen Art Film Festival. Here's a film that takes a somewhat uncomfortable (but damn catchy) premise and injects it with such a dose of reality that it truly challenges its audience and takes them on a great ride at the same time. Directed by J.C. Khoury and starring Noah Bean and Rachel Boston...

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