Porn star Sasha Grey goes for the gore

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Porn star Sasha Grey has made a few waves in the world of film – first with her performance in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, and then with her starring role in the Herschell Gordon Lewis tribute Smash Cut and now it seems she’s all set to confuse critics yet again with a role as a bible-bashing virgin in the horror flick Hallows. The film tells the story of:

…little Johnny Warlow a nice, normal boy … until he saw his father cut off his mother’s face with a butcher knife one Halloween night. Now, after two decades in a mental institution, he’s out to prove that he’s all better now, even if he has to kill every man, woman, and child within a ten-mile radius to do so.

According to director Richard O’Sullivan, Grey was offered a more “whoreish” role but she opted to play
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