Video and Facebook game for Cerebro mutant tracker on X-Men: First Class Blu-ray

Keeping tabs on the multitude of mutants brought to the big screen in the X-Men films is not an easy task.

One solution is to use the Cerebro tracker, a version of the machine deployed by Professor Charles Xavier in the comics and movies to detect and locate those with superhuman abilities.

The tracker is an interactive mutant database included on the Blu-ray of X-Men: First Class, which is released in the UK on Monday, October 31. It offers a fun and informative way of finding many of the characters seen in the franchise's five films to date.

Twentieth Century Fox has now unveiled a teaser video (see below; and also in our video channel on the right) for this Blu-ray bonus feature.

Once activated, you see the world as though using Xavier's machine and can click on any mutants you spot to trigger a montage of some of their movie
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