[TV] Television Snippets - Nipped, Tucked, Closed

The triumphant return of "Television Snippets" has arrived. Not only am I past a 3,000 mile move from one coast of the Us to another, but the Fall season has completely wrapped up, the Olympics have come and gone, and the Spring season is officially back. Sure, I could have come back in January, but shows only came back for 3 weeks or so before the Olympics, so I figured I'd wait until now.

Note: I won't be talking about ratings this week because of the Olympics (the last time I'll mention them, I promise).

So let's do this.

• • •

Nip/Tuck just aired its last episode. It was a shockingly subdued season, focusing more on the relationship between Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Christian Troy (Julian McMahon). Instead of chaos, murder, mayhem, racist abusing tranvestites, or severe drug addiction, this season showed us the final deterioration of McNamara/Troy. While on first thought,
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