Scarlett Johansson's Dolce & Gabbana Commercial Serves as a Reminder

Dolce & Gabbana describe this video as "revealing the provocative yet effortless femininity of the eternal diva." Effortless? They must not have watched the video, then again, my assumption is they aren't referring to Scarlett Johansson as that "diva" only that she is pretending to be the "eternal diva". Titled "The One" and directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino (he directed "Human Nature" video) I personally look at it as a mess no matter what the point of it is supposed to be. The only thing it did as far as I'm concerned is remind me that Scarlett Johansson has never lived up to any kind of real promise as an actress. I guess the biggest question is to ask if Scarlett is playing herself in this piece? Playing an actress? Playing an actress playing an actress? Or playing an actress, playing an actress who is an actress that has lost all identity
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