"Project Runway" 7.07 Recap: "Hard Wear"

Designer Jay Nicolas

First off, how about that Project Runway rerun last week? Sorry to leave everyone hanging…

By now, we all know the formula. We begin with the designers waking up in their apartments on the morning of the challenge. Jay is super excited to have made it to the Top Ten. He’s going to get a lot of coverage in tonight’s episode, which we all know can either be a good thing…or a bad thing. Over at the ladies’, Mila expresses her disappointment. She’s sad to see only three female designers are left: herself, Amy, and Maya.

At the meeting on the runway with a very pregnant Heidi Klum, the designers learn they are going to see Tim Gunn and “a famous American designer” (or is it “one of America’s favorite designers”? Regardless, we all know the formula, and who it’s going to be: Michael Kors.
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