Kelly Bensimon: A Real Kennedy 'Housewife'?

Kelly Bensimon: A Real Kennedy 'Housewife'?
Is former "Real Housewives of New York" castmember Kelly Bensimon's next role a real Kennedy housewife?

The reality star was spotted getting close and cuddly with none other than Christopher Kennedy Lawford, an author and a nephew of President Kennedy, at the recent Caron Renaissance Save-a-Life gala at NYC's Capitale. Lawford, who penned the book "Symptoms of Withdrawal: A Memoir of Snapshots and Redemption" about recovering from his addiction to drugs and alcohol, is a public advocacy consultant for Caron Treatment Centers.

At the event, Bensimon and Lawford were joined at the hip, clowning around and taking lots of photos together in the celebrity-packed social scene, which included guests Russell Simmons, Melissa George, Eliza Dushku, Scott Sartiano, Jacqueline Sherry Coombe, Avi Oster, artist Nicholas Forker and Lori Levine.

When we asked her about the obvious flirtation, Bensimon was coy about her new friendship, but was certainly in no state of denial.
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