Last Halloween (Review)

2011 - 7 mins. - Not Rated

D: John Stewart Muller

C: Kit Williamson, Leslie Andrews

A couple argue on Halloween night, after hours, about his cheating ways.

Sure, Last Halloween is competently shot. Sure, it's competently acted, but there's something missing. A connection with the characters is missing. A connection with what is happening to the characters is missing. A connection to the overall story is missing. What John Stewart Muller chooses to present with Last Halloween is a couple arguing back and forth. The viewer doesn't know why they're arguing or what over until the final frame. Since the viewer doesn't know exactly what is being argued over, being able to connect to the characters is problematic since the viewer doesn't know who to connect to or whose side to take. With the closing frames, it is revealed what it is that they are arguing over. If this had been
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