The Complete Jean Vigo and Orpheus Criterion Blu-ray Reviews

Jean Cocteau and Jean Vigo are two of the great towers of French cinema. Pre-New Wave, the two inspired filmmakers like Francois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard with their different approaches. Vigo was an upstart filmmaker who died young and left an indelible impression, while Cocteau was a poet, playwright, painter, and all around artiste. All of Vigo’s films are collected in the Criterion Collection’s release The Complete Jean Vigo, while Orpheus – arguably Cocteau’s masterwork – has been upgraded for Blu-ray. Our review of The Complete Jean Vigo and Orpheus on Blu-ray follow after the jump. Jean Cocteau’s film career is practically defined by two works: Beauty and the Beast and Orpheus. The latter was part of his Orphic trilogy – started with the short film Blood of a Poet and concluded with The Testament of Orpheus. Both are worth seeing, but Orpheus stands on its own, and works
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