Watch Shorts from the Chicago International Film Festival for Free

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"Life Is Short," the title of the short films program at this year's Chicago International Film Festival reminds us, and Ciff and Mubi aim to sweeten it with a sampling of a few of the films you can watch for free.

When Ghost, about a man hiding out in an empty house, premiered in Cannes, daazo interviewed director Ma Dahci.

Shot on 8mm and then edited digitally, Alaric Rocha's Winter is about a prisoner on a chain gang who's dreaming of escape when his chain breaks.

Jonas Rothlaender's The Shirt (viewable everywhere but in France) is built on a moment of discomfort between a father (62) and a son (28).

Ciff describes Noam Ellis's Narkis (viewable everywhere except Israel) as a "subtle tale of one girl's sexual awakening in the sultry summer heat."
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