Film Review: ‘The Road to Freedom’ Doesn’t Feel Authentic

Chicago – The story of Sean Flynn – son of the legendary Errol Flynn, perpetrator of B-movies in the early 1960s, game warden in Kenya and finally war correspondent during the Vietnam conflict – would rate enough material for a 10-hour mini-series. Only his disappearance is covered in “The Road to Freedom.”

Rating: 2.5/5.0

Flynn, who famously first came to light during a vicious custody battle between his mother Lili Damita and father Errol Flynn, probably deserves a better narrative treatment than the soft soap that is “The Road to Freedom.” He is written and portrayed rather blandly, and the road he does travel as a reporter in war-torn Cambodia is paved with what looks like the same five soldiers of the Khmer Rouge regime.

Joshua Fredric Smith portrays Flynn, who is characterized by his roguish looks and reporter’s instinct. It is learned that he will go the extra mile to get the story,
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