Netflix Instant Drive-In: 'Night of the Comet' and 'Hell Night'

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Night of the Comet; 1984, 95 min.; dir. Thom Eberhardt; available on Netflix until 5/1/2013

Okay, so Night of the Comet isn’t a low-budget splatter fest with buckets of syrupy fake blood, or dripping organ meat gore, but it is quintessentially b-grade fare. And for me, that’s enough. Starring Catherine Mary Stewart (Days of our Lives, Weekend at Bernie’s) as our heroine, Reggie. She’s tough, yet girly, loves arcade games, works at a movie theater, and can wield a submachine gun like a boss. Every geek’s fantasy, basically. Reggie is working the night that Earth is supposed to pass through the tail of a comet (and provide a totally bitchin’ celestial event for the planet), however, her skeezy boyfriend Larry (the projectionist) is trading some film reels on the black market, and asks her to stay the night in the booth with him,
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