In praise of movie novelisations, and the gold they offer movie geeks

Mere marketing tool, or thumping good read? Here, David praises the greatness of movie novelisations…

They’re the novels film buffs love to read, and collect omnivorously. The books take up at least a single shelf, and their collectors smile, impressed, at the way a multi-million dollar scene sparkling with special effects can be effectively emulated in prose. Or maybe that’s just me.

But seriously: haven’t you ever watched Lethal Weapon and thought, “This should have been a book!” If you ever have, then track down and pick up Joel Norst’s paperback version and see how he can make maverick cop Martin Riggs jumping off a building while clinging to a hysterical civilian just as breathtaking as when Mel Gibson does it onscreen.

Or how about when James Bond free-falls over a cliff in Goldeneye? Check out veteran Bond novelist John Gardner’s take on it. These scenes,
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