Worlds Collide in Director Colton Tran’s Monstrosity

Although I do watch a lot of debaucherous cinema, my days and nights aren’t completely filled to overflowing with blood, guts, and naked people. Sometimes I tend to gravitate towards lighter fare, the sort of stuff you can watch in front of children without the threat of permanent emotional damage. Take, for instance, Colton Tran’s “Monstrosity”, an independent motion picture geared towards the family-friendly set. The film, which is rumored to find its way into the world next year, is a creature-infested exploration of what would happen if our cozy little lives were suddenly invaded by impossibly shady monsters. I think it looks pretty freakin’ nifty. “Monstrosity” stars Jamey Anthony, Sebastian Michael Burr, Kim Bateman, Brady Hales, Brian Ibsen, and Jennifer Klekas. For more information, swing by the film’s official Facebook page. In the meantime, investigate the embedded trailer. Source:
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