Monstrosity (2011) Short Film Trailer, Poster: Colton Tran

Monstrosity Trailer, Monstrosity Poster. Colton Tran‘s (2011) short film trailer, poster stars Jamey Anthony, Sebastian Michael Barr, Elizabeth Hales, Keith Hottinger, and Jennifer Klekas. Monstrosity‘s plot synopsis: “Earth and a planet inhabited by Monsters collide, when a scientist’s experiment goes wrong.”

This short film looks good, very creative and colorful. Monstrosity is supposedly

a feature length film based off the concept of the short film Tran made called “Unpleasantville.”

IMDb says Monstrosity is a short film.

Watch the Monstrosity short film trailer below and leave your thoughts on it in the comments section. For more Monstrosity photos, videos, and information, check out our Monstrosity Page. Monstrosity has no release date yet.

Monstrosity movie poster:

Monstrosity 2011 Movie Poster

Source: Quietearth
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