The Criterion Column: May 2010 Releases, Out of Print Titles

The Criterion Collection is bringing out the big guns in May 2010. No, Hausu has not been announced yet, but another big Japanese release is forthcoming. Specifically, Criterion is releasing a 5 DVD box set of Nagisa Oshima films from the 1960s. Oshima's earlier works are very difficult to find in legitimate form so this announcement is very exciting.

The good news doesn't stop with Oshima. The second volume in the Stan Brakhage anthology will finally see the light of day, and both volumes will be collected on a 3 disc Blu-Ray set. Nicolas Roeg's Walkabout makes an appearance for the first time on DVD and Blu-Ray. Fritz Lang's M will receive the Blu-Ray treatment. Finally, John Ford fans (there are a few) can look forward to Stagecoach on DVD and Blu-Ray. As usual, full details on the new titles have been added to the 2010 release calendar at the bottom of this post.
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