Movie Posters of the Week: The Best of Rotterdam

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This week I present a selection, below, of more of my favorite posters from the International Film Festival Rotterdam where the walls of every theater and meeting place were crammed with posters and flyers. Though a couple of these may have appeared at earlier festivals, all were new to me. The one design that I loved that I could not find a better image of can be seen high on the wall above: the poster for Cameron Jamie’s 10-minute ode to furniture humping Massage the History (yes, even short films have posters at Rotterdam). Here are sixteen of my favorites:

Above, clockwise from top left: Bruno Safadi and Noa Bressane’s Brazilian counterculture doc Belair; Emmanuel Laurent’s nouvelle vague history lesson, Two in the Wave, whose poster features a photo of an astonishingly young Truffaut and Godard; Serge Bromberg’s doc on Henri-Georges Clouzot’s unfinished L’enfer,
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