Sheryl Crow's Newest Venue: Broadway's 'Diner'

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Barry Levinson is heading back to the "Diner" for a second helping and this time around, the dishes are going to be served up by Sheryl Crow.

Levinson may be best known for directing '80s film classics like "Rain Man," "Good Morning Vietnam" and 'The Natural," but now, like Spider-Man, he's going to try his hand at Broadway, as indieWire is reporting he's in the process of adapting his 1982 hit "Diner" as a musical, with original tunes to be provided by Crow.

We're going to guess that most of you don't exactly have "Diner" at the top of your Netflix queue right now, so here's the scoop: A surprise indie hit when it arrived in theaters 30 years ago, "Diner" tells the story of a group of dudes trying to score with the ladies in the still-repressed late 1950s. Among the future stars who spend their time hanging out talking about chicks?
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