Evil Angel is Visually Stunning But Brutally Violent

Evil Angel is one of a few films that this reviewer is looking forward to watching in 2010 (wink, wink - producer send me a screener). The film plays at the Nevermore Film Festival in a few days, and more importantly a trailer, that is action packed is available now. Very graphic, bloody, and sexy, the first trailer for Evil Angel shows what a horror movie is supposed to be, brutal and well-written. The story focuses on the mythical character Lilith, who was Adam's first bride. Rejected by Adam, Lilith goes on a rampage and takes out her frustrations on Adam's children, or the many characters in the film. Although the trailer is off-site, at the sales agency, it is worth checking out (very not safe for work)!

The synopsis for Evil Angel here:

"Evil Angel takes the ancient myth of Lilith into the 21st century with a murderously sexy and seductive villainess who,
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