Six Terrifying Villains Played By Comedians

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Six Terrifying Villains Played By Comedians For the first time ever, we're scared of Albert Brooks. By Andrew Osborne This week, Albert Brooks makes a welcome return to the screen as a lethal Jewish mobster in Drive — which may seem like a strange casting choice to those familiar with the comedian's roles as the nebbish reporter in Broadcast News or the neurotic fish in Finding Nemo. But as the following list illustrates, the same fear and loathing that so often fuels great comic performances can also create genuinely scary cinematic villains. 1. Bill Murray, Mad Dog and Glory (1993) The premise sounds like a Saturday Night Live gag: timid Robert De Niro cowering fearfully in the presence of a menacing Bill Murray. But the role reversal works surprisingly well in John McNaughton's underworld love story about a lonely civil servant attempting to rescue a young woman named Glory ([...]
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