Anthony Hopkins: Psychic Detective, M.D.

Anthony Hopkins: Psychic Detective, M.D.
When it comes to being awesome, Anthony Hopkins has got it down. Whether he’s playing the unsettling Hannibal in The Silence Of The Lambs, the all-powerful Odin in Thor, or the honorable Don Diego de la Vega in The Mask Of Zorro, Hopkins usually doesn’t disappoint, which is why it’s a pleasure to relay to you that he is currently in negotiations to star in New Line’s new serial killer film, Solace.

According to Variety, Hopkins’ character – John Clancy – is a former doctor with psychic abilities which he uses to help the FBI track down some sort of unique serial killer.

The project doesn’t have a director attached as of yet, but former Contrafilm partners Beau Flynn and Tripp Vinson are producing, while Matthias Emcke and Thomas Augsberger will exec produce.

The original screenplay was written by Sean Bailey and Ted Griffen, but has since
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