Deleted Scene from The Empire Strikes Back featuring Han and Leia

There's a lot of mixed emotions right now for the upcoming Blu-ray release of George Lucas' the Star Wars saga. I've been waiting for these movie to come out on Blu-ray for a long time so I'm going to end up getting the original trilogy, regardless of the changes, even though I'm not happy with some of them. One of the main reasons I'm getting them though is for the special features, because these things are going to be packed full of awesome Star Wars goodies, including many deleted scenes, one of which is available now for you to watch below.

The deleted scene that was released is a little conversation between Han and Leia on the planet Hoth. It may look familiar, but the dialogue is completely different. Check out the deleted scene below and tell us what you think!

The Star Wars Saga Blu-ray collection is set
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