Harry’s Arctic Heroes Soundtrack by Lorne Balfe Review

I recently watched a two part documentary, Harry’s Arctic Heroes which screened on BBC 1 (9pm on 22 August and 30 August repeated on BBC1 HD, still available on iPlayer and for an additional 7days). The documentary follows the extraordinary attempt by four severely injured Afghan veterans to complete the first unsupported trek by wounded soldiers to the North Pole. Prince Harry joins them for the first leg of their journey.

The documentary was filmed over the course of a year and followed the soldiers; Captain Martin Hewitt (29), Captain Guy Disney (28), Sergeant Steve Young (28) and Private Jaco Van Gass (26) whilst they undertook gruelling training in the UK and Norway before embarking on the expedition to the Arctic which provided a stunning backdrop for their longer journeys towards physical and psychological recovery.

The documentary itself was impressive and inspiring throughout this was helped in large part by the fantastic score composed by Lorne Balfe
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