Conan Finishes 4th Friday Night

Despite having a "B-" CinemaScore, Conan the Barbarian couldn't slash its way through to the top of the box office Friday night. Director Marcus Nispel, known for remakes of Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, looks to be continuing his mediocre run at trying to revive classic 80's movies. He looks to be on course for another sub-par remake with Conan the Barbarian if Friday's box office results are any indicator of what is to come. Many fans were hoping that this could be the turning point for a character that deserves to have a great franchise. Sadly though, Conan might be better suited for a direct to video franchise. Currently Conan the Barbarian is on course for an $11,000,000 opening weekend. 1. The Help (DreamWorks/Disney) Week 2 1/2 [2,690 Runs] Friday $5.7M (-25%), Estimated Weekend $20M, Estimated Cume $71M 2. Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (Fox) Week
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