Steinem Urges Boycott Against Playboy Club Series

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Steinem Urges Boycott Against Playboy Club Series
Feminist icon Gloria Steinem has called for a boycott against upcoming TV series The Playboy Club after working at the venue in her 20s.

Steinem worked as a Playboy Bunny in the New York City chain while writing an expose about the treatment of women in Hugh Hefner's clubs.

Now Steinem is urging audiences to avoid the forthcoming TV series, which stars Amber Heard and is based on the first Playboy Club in Chicago, Illinois.

The political activist tells Reuters, "It was the tackiest place on earth. I expect that The Playboy Club (TV show) will be a net minus and I hope people boycott it. It's just not telling the truth about the era...

"I just know that over the years, women have called me and told me horror stories of what they experienced at the Playboy Club and at the Playboy Mansion."

Steinem's account of the Playboy Clubs was made into the 1985 movie A Bunny's Tale, starring Kirstie Alley as Steinem.

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