Stills We Love: Attack Of The Crab Monsters

Crabs attack Stills We Love in a double-photo feature!

It’s Attack of the Crab Monsters today, folks. And we’ve got two photos for you. Best get to it. Just look:

Click to enlarge.

It’s always odd to see color photos from movies that have etched themselves into our memories in black and white. Here’s a scuba-geared Pamela Duncan on location in Bronson Canyon for one of Roger Corman and Chuck Griffith’s most durable creature features, Attack of the Crab Monsters. The state of the art Telepathic Talking Crab Puppeteers are working their magic in what may be a rehearsal but is more likely a test to see if the wires will hold. The guy on the right looks like he might be Ed Nelson, who was underneath the Crab whenever it had to move, and claims Jack Nicholson was hanging around hoping to get in on the gig.
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