Shattered Lives: When Clowns Attack!

*Stop now if you have a fear of clowns* Shattered Lives was released on DVD as of December 22nd by Lionsgate and some promotional material can be found here. The story involves a young girl who deals poorly with family stress and how ones' distorted reality can lead to murder. Still searching for international distribution the first trailer for Shattered Lives can be found here. But for those of you with coulrophobia be forewarned the trailer has many scenes of scary looking clowns baring vicious looking teeth!

A synopsis for Shattered Lives:

"When Rachel, a seemingly innocent little girl, is unable to cope with everyday situations, her fears manifest into an altered state of reality. Rachel's warped world results in her two favorite dolls, Melo and Lelo, coming to life. Rachel loves her dolls dearly and seeks their advice; they plant the seed of death early and suggest that
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