Ringer Reflecting on Sarah Michelle Gellar

Nothing says “come watch my show” like a poster of Sarah Michelle Geller looking at her reflection in a window while displaying some sexy side boob. Entertainment Weekly was the first to get a hold of the new promo poster for CW’s Ringer. Now we know of course that Smg isn’t actually looking at herself; it’s her twin sister who she is impersonating to avoid the wrath of some mob. Bridget and Siobhan (weirdest twin names ever) both have trouble in their lives and mystery is afoot.

Much like the posters released during Comic-Con, this bears the tagline “The Ultimate Double Cross”. In case you couldn’t tell, that’s a play on words. Did you get it? Smg plays twins, so that means it’s double the cross. No? Well never mind then. I didn’t get it right away either.

How long does the show expect this premise to last?
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