Official Teaser Debut and More Details on Ramzi Abed's Telephone World

It was just about a year ago when we first heard about writer/director Ramzi Abed's latest project, Telephone World, and now we have an update for you along with the official teaser trailer.

Abed says that Telephone World is easily his best film. He continues, "I just locked picture, visual fx, and color-correction, and I can't believe it. Although the movie needs to get into its final audio sweetening, even with the first full rough sound mix... it's mind-blowing. Elissa Dowling (Abolition, The Theatre Bizarre, Dread) elicits a performance unrivaled by any other actor or actress I've seen in a movie ever. Yes, I said 'ever'. It should really and truly have people questioning what they are seeing. More so than any reality horror film before it, this project takes you into a world that is, for all intents and purposes, completely real. It's drenched in suspense and is beyond voyeuristic also.
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