Blue Crush 2 – Blu-ray Review

The Film:

Gone are the days of Gidget or the awesome drive-in features from American International Pictures of summer fun, the ocean, and beautiful girls in bikinis, yet nearly a decade ago Blue Crush tried to fill this little void. It had the girls in bikinis (Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez). It had the ocean, which they used the sub-culture of surfing as a backdrop. Yet it wasn’t really summer fun, since that film was unfocused and needlessly over-dramatic. Would an in-name only sequel overcome those issues and bring in some summer fun to the party? Surprisingly, yes, and Blue Crush 2 is a great little film waiting to be seen.

Blue Crush 2 isn’t the most original film out there, or within the Beach Party genre, but it hits all of the right notes, for a breezy, perhaps predictable fun time. Whatever demons the Kate Bosworth character was chasing in the original film,
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