Blu-ray Review: The Funhouse

Despite frequently being listed among the great horror directors, Tobe Hooper will always have the hardest job of pleasing his fans. No matter what film he makes, it will always be compared to his 1974 classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. To this day it remains one of the greatest and most chilling horror films of all time and a true work of genius.

The same can‘t really be said of Crocodile or the overly goofy and unpleasant Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Yet people seem to forget Hooper is capable of making films as good as Poltergeist or Salem’s Lot. Sitting somewhere in the middle is 1981’s The Funhouse, now re-released on a deluxe Blu-ray from Arrow Video from yesterday.

Released at the peak of the early 80’s slasher film craze, The Funhouse was Hooper’s first big budget feature. Despite working with a larger budget and studio pressure, the film
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