[Rec] 2 (DVD Review)

Directed by: Jaume Blaguero and Paco Plaza

Starring: Jonathan Mellor, Oscar Sanchez Zafra, Ariel Casas, Alejandro Casaseca, Pablo Rosso, Pep Molina, Andrea Ros

[Rec] 2 picks up 15 minutes from where we left off, taking us back into the quarantined apartment building where a terrifying virus runs rampant. What they find inside lies beyond the scope of medical science---a demonic nightmare more terrifying than they could possibly imagine.

[Rec] 2 is one of those rare sequels that people genuinely like. It's almost an improvement on its predecessor, utilizing a new and original way to "record" the action without going over the top and becoming redundant. There's none of that, "Yeah...but who would continue holding a camera when you're being attacked by a zombie?" business, that seems to be the number one complaint of the hand held era. By using fancy Swat team cameras attached to helmets, that also allow for the hub to "cut
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