Dialogue: 'The Pill' Director J.C. Khoury on Redefining the Rom-Com and Creating a Festival Hit

What happens when a one-night-stand turns into your worst nightmare? When strangers Fred (Noah Bean) and Mindy (Rachel Boston) drink themselves into a booze-fueled night of passion, things get complicated when Fred realizes he didn't wear a condom and she's not using any birth control. Freaked out and afraid she might be pregnant, Fred convinces Mindy to take the Morning After pill. However, he soon realizes that she has to take two pills, 12 hours apart, which means Fred must spend the entire day pretending to like a girl he doesn't know or want to know just so he can get her to take the other pill. Last month The Pill enjoyed its world premiere at the Gen Art Film Festival, capturing the fest's all-too-important audience award, while at the same time...

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