Peter Berg’s Battleship Movie Will Feature Aliens. Spider-y, H.G. Wells-ish Aliens.

Apparently someone over at Universal is really anxious to get the fanboys on the side of their “Battleship” movie with Peter Berg, because they recently flew a bunch of bloggers to an honest to goodness battleship to talk to Peter Berg about the upcoming movie. On a private yet, no less. (Gee, I guess my invitation got lost in the mail. Stupid mailman, always losing my studio invitations.) According to Berg, his vision of a live-action “Battleship” movie will, indeed, involve an alien war as we’ve heard. Which means, er, I guess they’re expanding just a tad from the game. Via Latino Review, Berg tells us that the aliens (called The Regents) have an agenda (described by Lr as “spidery” and “H.G. Wells-ish”), though that part is secret for now. The main thrust of the action will take place on the high seas, with the Captain of
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