2nd Joel Silver Interview Ninja Assassin. Plus Info on Dark Castle Projects, Remakes, Sherlock Holmes, More

At last weekend’s press junket for Ninja Assassin, I had the opportunity to speak with producer Joel Silver twice. The first time was an exclusive TV interview, and the second time was during a roundtable interview the following day. While I normally would be happy to use just one of the interviews, since Joel Silver is producing so many high profile projects (Lobo, Sgt. Rock, The Apparition), I knew getting to speak with him twice would be a good thing.

Also, what a lot of people don’t realize is how much info a producer can tell you. While it’s always great to talk with an actor, unless you’re a Brad Pitt, most actors don’t have that much juice to get a project made. So that’s why getting to speak with Joel Silver is so great, because not only can he talk about all his projects that are getting made,
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