New at Tfh: Joe Dante on Invisible Invaders

Joe Dante lets us in on the secrets of the Invisible Invaders.

“Earth Given 24 Hours to Surrender!” It’s those darned aliens again! This time they’re reanimating dead people that they killed in the first place. Luckily for us, sci fi stalwart John Agar is on the job. But a lot of years have passed and who knows how many of these unseen creatures are currently running our world! Watch the skies, or at least the cemeteries!

Click here to watch the trailer, then read on for some bonus linkage.

Hollywood, take note: I think the idea of back-dooring a trilogy/series of films just by some loosely connecting character — as Dr. Karol Noymann does here — is a fine one (though this is probably just my inner desire for another dozen movies in which Michael Keaton pops by as Ray Nicolette). I haven’t seen Invisible Invaders, but I
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