Book Reviews: What Would Happen if a Man Went Back in Time to Keep George W. Bush from Becoming President?

It's a writing cliche, but it's sadly often very true: an author's debut novel is often much better than his or her follow-up. There are lots of reasons for this: the author spends years honing and revising that first novel, which is often based on the most dramatic and engaging idea the writer has ever had.

Meanwhile, the second novel, which is usually written "on contract," is often rushed to capitalize on the success of the debut — and, let's face it, a lot of writers don't work well under pressure, or have a second truly interesting story to tell.

I'm happy to report that one author has dramatically upended this writing cliche. I liked Selfish and Perverse, the first novel of comedian Bob Smith, who was the first out comedian to appear on The Tonight Snow (back in the 1980s), and who has also written nonfiction in the past, including the Lambda Award-winning Openly Bob.
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