New Editors Hired for The Wolfman; French Trailer Released

Buried deep inside a Variety piece, SlashFilm found news that Universal has hired editors Walter Murch (Apocalypse Now) and Mark Goldblatt (The Terminator) to recut Joe Johnston's The Wolfman.

The release date for The Wolfman has already been rescheduled several times, but the move to put the movie out in February was clearly done so that Murch and Goldblatt could have some time to fix things. The two editors likely will be cutting together footage from six weeks of reshoots completed over the summer, mostly supervised by second unit director Vic Armstrong.

Already, the work of the two editors has the movie looking more historic in the new French trailer, shown below ...:

Ok, we admit that's the trailer for the 1941 original. It might be a little while before any work from Murch and Goldblatt will be seen in trailers, if at all. The "new" French trailer is nothing
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