Soundtrack Round-Up Vol.4

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This latest installment of Soundtrack Round Up kicks off with White Lion, a film about a poor little lion cub called Letsatsi who is outcast from his family and forced to undergo trials and tribulations before he may take his rightful place as leader of his pride as an adult. Sound familiar? White Lion (as far as I can tell from the soundtrack’s cover art) implements live action lions, however, so it might actually be quite interesting to watch. The film’s score is by Philip Miller and is similarly derivative, though not in an unpleasant way – ‘Chicken Hok and the Porcupine’ is rather fun. The soundtrack as well as the plot evokes memories of a certain Disney film, though perhaps that is symptomatic of any music that includes African chants and vocalisations over light orchestrations. Seventh track ‘Mother’ is weirdly reminiscent of the lullaby from Ocarina of Time.
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