J.C. Khoury: The Pill

The Pill, a romantic comedy about a one-night stand and an ensuing pregnancy scare, stars Noah Bean, Rachel Boston, and Anna Chlumsky. The film had its East Coast premiere at the Gen Art Film Festival on Sunday, and, with any luck, will soon be available for your viewing pleasure... Director J.C. Khoury opens up about his inspiration - mainly, his experience as a "professional hypochondriac." I have always believed, more so recently than ever, that mainstream films lack verisimilitude. They are generally dishonest in their interpretations of character and everyday life. This is why I have gravitated to the filmmaking of the Duplass brothers, Woody Allen, Larry David, and Julie Delpy. These filmmakers create and mine awkward social situations for nuggets of human pathos and humor, and they do so with truth and integrity. In The Pill, I strive to do the same. Until a year ago, I had never
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