As if L.A. hasn’t had enough already, now comes ‘Alien Armageddon’

As if Battle: Los Angeles and Battle of Los Angeles (the obligatory Asylum mockbuster) weren’t enough for the poor citizens of Los Angeles, now comes an Alien Armageddon… Directed by Neil Johnson, the film stars Katherine McEwan, Don Scribner, Rochelle Vallese, Benjamin J. Cain Jr, Claudia Wells (of Back to the Future fame), Julia Parker, Will Tulin, Marilyn Ghigliotti (Clerks), Eric Nyenhuis, DeeDee Bigelow and a cameo by Virginia Hey (Road Warrior, Farscape).

When the world is invaded by an ancient race of aliens, the city of Los Angeles is fortified as an alien stronghold. The only way to fight is from within.

And hey, what’s not to like about a film that features aliens, monsters, gorgeous women, strong men, blood, guts, stuff blowing up and (of course) flesh-ball babies! Just check out the trailer and images we’ve been sent for the film:

Alien Armageddon will receive it’s premiere in,
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