The Forgotten: Loose Talk

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Can any Alfred Hitchcock film be called truly forgotten? It could certainly be argued (though not by me) that some of the Master's lesser works have received more attention than they deserve. Anthony Mann's Raw Deal is a far better film than I Confess, goes the argument, and has been unjustly robbed of the consideration and popularity which is its due.

Yeah, but, as Homer Simpson might muse, what you gonna do?

There are still corners of the Hitchcock oeuvre which might reward more attention, however, such as the deeply eccentric, nay inscrutable Rich and Strange, and I would suggest that some corners of Hitch's work in television remain relatively unappreciated. True, Alfred Hitchcock Presents is a much-admired show to this day, and classic episodes such as "Breakdown" and "Lamb to the Slaughter" have received justifiable plaudits. But Hitch's work outside that show is less easy to see, and less often discussed.
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