Zuleikha Robinson becomes new 'Lost' regular

Zuleikha Robinson becomes new 'Lost' regular
Lost's Ajira Airways Flight 316 yielded some strange but important passengers. While Caesar, the de facto leader, turned out to just be a man out of his league (he was killed by Ben shortly after the plane crash), it was the mysterious Ilana that seemed to really be in control. Along with Bram, played by Brad William Henke, Ilana led a group of survivors who seemed to be working for Jacob, and had been working for Jacob for quite some time.

Ilana was last seen dumping the real Locke's body out of a crate and onto the beach, revealing the prescence of Jacob's nemesis to Richard Alpert and the rest of the others.

We'll be seeing plenty more of Ilana next year — DarkUFO has recently confirmed that actress Zuleikha Robinson, who portrays Ilana, has been promoted to a series regular for the sixth and final season on the series. This is great news,
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