Celebrity Biography: Carmine Giovinazzo

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Carmine Dominik Giovinazzo was born on August 24, 1973 and grew up on Staten island. He is 5' 9". His mother is Nancy and father is Dominik, for who he is middle-named. His father was also a policeman, as are his sister, Alise Varela and brother-in-law, Will. Thus it was only fitting he should follow suit and become a detective too, albeit only in a TV show, CSI: NY (TV). Carmine commented he didn't want to pursue that career and it was left to his sister to follow in his father's footsteps. His family is originally from Naples, Italy. Carmine is of Norwegian and English ancestry too. He describes himself as half Italian from Calabria. His mother's side of the family are from Norway. "I think there's a bit of Bristol, England in me too. It's a great mix." His looks are more Norwegian than Italian with his blue eyes (the bluest of
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